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The Vitamins that the Runners Need to Take

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Key vitamins and minerals that you need to perform and feel your best!

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According to the magazine sports medicine, the running is the sport that has helped in giving the human beings the form in which we are. Running is the process that is capable of applying stress over the various places like hips, legs, heart, bones, ligaments, bones etc. It does not mean that you are going to get evolved in just one day and your body also requires the nutrition that are necessary for your body for proper evolution.

The body requires certain vitamins for the purpose of recovering and also for healing. If you are having the food items which consist of good amount of nutritional value, then your body may take only less time period for recovery and also for improving the ability for intensifying the time of training.

Vitamin A

Applying stress repeatedly on body with the when you are running can result in the breaking of the metatarsal bones that are available on foot. Vitamin A is helpful in healing broken -bones and also is much important for maintaining and development of healthy bones. The food sources that are full of Vitamin A include the milk eggs, calf’s liver etc and all others that are of animal origin. Vitamin A can also get converted in the body out of the vegetables that comprise of cartenoid which include spinach, sweet potato and carrots.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is capable of producing stimulating the healing of Achilles tendon. Achilles tendinitis comprises of about 11 percentage of almost all the running injuries. Vitamin C comprises of bell peppers, broccoli, papaya etc, The Vitamic C is also capable of regenerating supplies of Vitamin E.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is basically a steroid hormone that can be included in the body with the help of exposure to sun. This can increase the balance, speed, muscle mass, reaction time etc of the body. It was found that muscle function, efficiency, force and power got improved in an extensive manner when the adolescent girls got treated with vitamin D.

Vitamin E

The major sources of Vitamin E are almonds, olive and sunflower seeds etc. This vitamin can get absorbed easily by the lungs and is capable of removing the hazardous elements from the body. This vitamin is also capable in treating the problems like foot cramps, nocturnal leg, restless leg syndrome etc that are seen much common among the runners. This is much helpful for the healing of most of the problems that are related with the runners.

Vitamin K

Running is capable of causing tearing and twisting and can result in the cause of pain and injury to the knees of the runner. The food items that are much rich in Vitamin K include spinach, kale, collard greens etc. This vitamin is also capable of making the healing process much fast. There are lot of other veggies that can be eaten for getting this vitamin in large amount for the body. Having this vitamin in large amount in the body can be helpful for making the healing process progress with much speed.

So, in short, this is the mental side of running –  keep going when it gets tough, learn how to increase the pace at the end of a race when your legs feel like jelly and master how to not ‘burn out’ and keep motivated to train. Keep reading this blog and enjoy!

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