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The Best Tips For A Beginners Running Program

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To start running as a beginner, jog slowly for 20 minutes every other day, and then gradually increase the time and speed of each jog. Work up to a faster pace and longer running distance with tips from a running coach and certified sports trainer.

Looking for Beginners Running Program Online?

When most people make a decision to start a beginners running program, a number of questions go through their minds. Most of which revolve around how to start, what to wear or if it is okay to walk occasionally. In this article we will look at some important tips of beginners running program. Before that, watch the video below.


The best time start

The first tip revolves around the best time to begin the program. It really does not matter how old you are or if you consider exercises to be good for you or not. Research has shown that regular exercise is good for everybody and has its own benefits. Some of which include keeping away opportunistic diseases, better sleep levels and heightened energy levels.

Start running or walking or both?

When embarking on this journey, always begin with a run and walk program. The best beginners running program is that which consists of both running and walking. This is because a beginner will not be able to run far. If they insist on forcing themselves then they could easily get injured or develop health problems. There is need to start slowly and build stamina with time. Within a short time there are chances that one will be able to show tremendous progress and enjoy running. A running log is also very important. This is because it will show how long, how far and they type of running done.


A running log is useful in that it gives one the motivation when they see that they have gone an extra mile week after another. It is also the perfect opportunity to reflect back and see the areas that mistakes happened and rectify them. It is also advisable to set realistic goals. To achieve this there is need to set realistic goals and start running with a goal in mind. For instance, some people will adopt this program for weight loss purposes while others will adopt the same for performance goals. It is quite difficult to keep on going without tangible goals because the enthusiasm fades away.

Keep it low

The final tip on the beginners running program is to observe low intensity at the start. Avoid running too fast which is much more strenuous to the body and easily leading to injuries. Slow running helps one get faster than running fast does. This is a secret that most people do not know. Running at the pace at which you can hold a conversation will help in building the cardio vascular system making one stronger. As one adopts these tips it is important to prepare your body so that you can maximize on the workout procedures while minimizing on any risk of discomfort or injury.

This can be achieved by warming up the body and also by stretching. It is important to loosen up for about five minutes before embarking on the run. Likewise instead of starting off with running, you could begin by jogging. This tends to allow the lungs, muscles and the body at large to get accustomed to the exercise. Last but not least ensure that the body is completely hydrated to replenish fluids lost through sweating.

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