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The Best Running Music Tracks for 2015

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Most people often do not know about the Running songs 2015 when making their choices on which they need to play when doing their workouts. Read more here.

Your January Playlist 2015

Here are some of the best 9 running songs in the year 2015 that you can choose:

  1. Sigma – Nobody to Love

“I know you are tired…” it is as if they are actually talking to you. The song will encourage you to do a lot when looking for the best from the market.

  1. Waze and Odyssey vs R.Kelly – The Bump And Grind

This original song is good for running especially when you need to increase your pace. You will dance & run dance thus enabling you to enjoy the whole process.

  1. Calvin Harris – Blame

There is no avoiding interval training within beats like this song. It will make you enjoy running.

  1. Avicii & Aloe Blacc – A song called Wake Me Up

Splashing through the puddles when wearing out treadmill, when you are running this one is bound to offer you another wind thus enabling you to run faster.

  1. Beyonce – Drunk In Love

You will definitely love the song especially from its unique beats.

  1. Call My Name (Supasound Remix)

Abs like the Victoria’s Secret model that is coming your way. You will like the song!!

  1. Eminem – Lose Yourself

You know you are hardcore whenever you want to start running with the hood up. The song will make you have a morale to enjoy running!!

  1. Pink – Raise Your Glass

Nothing sound like a gentle reminder of what you will be doing in 8 hours’ time. You have earned all of it after all! It would enable you to increase your pace when looking for the speed.

  1. Pharrell Williams – Happy

Thank you Pharrell. This is an amazing running song!! Thank you.

In conclusion, the information should give you some facts about the best 9 running songs in the year 2015 that you can choose when doing your workouts.

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