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Why Do Runners Even Run?

Sometime runners run for no reason 🙂 Practically they just hate running and start questioning why do they even run? That is normal if you are just running for fun or filling up your spare time. This is called Casual Running. This is the time where your mental state are more relaxed and be able to start thinking about a lot of things! Your body and legs might be busy but if you’re not listening to any running tracks, your mind are empty. This is a great moments for flashbacks, rethinking of anything done previously that day or even start solving all problems you might have before running.

Why Runners Run?

Jogging or running is a fantastic exercise for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. All you need to get started is a good pair of running shoes and once you get in a regular routine, it will have a hugely positive effect on your health.

Why jogging is such a good exercise what are the health benefits of jogging.

1 – Jogging proves Your Endurance

Oxygen is an essential part of the energy production process in your body and allows you to release and use the energy in the foods you eat. Jogging regularly strengthens your lungs, strengthens your heart and increases the ability of your muscles to absorb oxygen. This results in your body being able to inhale, pump and absorb oxygen with greater efficiency and generate more energy when you exercise. The long term effect of this is that you’re endurance consistently improves and you can jogger increasingly longer distances every time you hit the road.

2 – Jogging Helps You Burn Body Fat

Jogging is a very efficient calorie burner and blasts through an impressive 667 calories when you jog at a speed of 10kph. By jogging just twice a week, you can burn off over 1,000 calories and if you jog more frequently, you can put a real dent in your body fat levels.

3 – Jogging Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can weaken your blood vessels, damage your vital organs and restrict the flow of blood to your heart. Studies have shown that jogging regularly can lower your blood pressure and therefore protect you from all these negative health consequences of high blood pressure.

4 – Jogging Strengthens Your Heart

As mentioned above, jogging regularly strengthens your heart, makes it more efficient and allows it to pump more blood with each stroke. This makes it less susceptible to heart disease and heart attacks. It also keeps all your other cells, muscles and vital organs healthy by ensuring that they have a constant supply of oxygen flowing to them.

5 – Jogging Improves Your Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that jogging can improve your sleep patterns and sleep quality in a number of ways. First, it helps to set your circadian rhythms and allows you to easily fall asleep at night. Second, jogging has a positive effect on your mind and helps you feel less stressed and more relaxed and this promotes optimal sleep quality.

As you can see, running is an excellent addition to any fitness routine and one that will benefit your health in numerous ways. So if you’ve been thinking about making jogging part of your fitness routine for some time, get started today and enjoy all the health benefits listed above. Don’t get bored. It is good for your mental relaxation purposes.

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