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How To Choose Your New Adidas Running Shoes

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Founded in 1920, Adidas made their first training shoes that same year and the rest is, as they say, history. Adidas has a long standing reputation as a top running shoe maker. Let’s take a look at the different types of Adidas running shoes and how to determine the best shoe for your foot and running style.
Like many running shoe manufacturers, Adidas, breaks their running shoes into two main categories: control and cushion.
Control shoes are also commonly called stability shoes. They offer a blend of support and cushioning for the person who needs a bit more motion control and has a tendency to overpronate or run on the inside of their foot. This is the most common type of running shoe because the majority of people either have low arches or normal arches both of which cause overpronation. Control shoes offer support on the inside of the shoe.
Cushioned shoes offer the least support along the inside of the shoe however they, as the name implies, offer the most cushioning. If you run on the outside of your feet, underpronate, or have high arches then this type of shoe is what you’ll be looking for.
Popular Adidas Running Shoes for Control and Stability
1. AdiSTAR Ride
2. Megabounce
3. AdiZERO Boston
4. AdiZERO Ace
5. Supernova Glide

Popular Adidas Running Shoes for Cushioning
6. AdiSTAR Revolt
7. Supernova Riot
8. Supernova Riot 365
9. AdiZERO Adios

Before you hit the shoe store to try on running shoes, consider visiting the Adidas website. It gives you the ability to choose from men’s or women’s shoes, why you run, where you run, and then your motion mechanics or how you run. From there they will make shoe suggestions for you. Take those suggestions and write them down. Then, when you get to the store you’ll have a short list of shoes to try on.
Make sure to wear the socks you plan on wearing when you run so you can accurately assess the shoe’s fit. When choosing Adidas running shoes, take the time to try them on and take a little jog around the store. Pay attention to any slips or rubbing you might feel. Make sure the shoe fits not only the length of your foot but also the width. Find a good fit for your foot and running style and enjoy your new Adidas running shoes.

Adidas Running Shoes
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