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Whether you need cushioning or not depends on your type of feet, weight and running style. But for some, comfortableness are the main reason.

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Does cushioned running shoes reduces injuries?

According to Runners World, their researched found that whether you are wearing cushioned running shoes or hard mid sole shoes, it does not  help you or prevent running injuries rates. So does it matter? Unfortunately yes it does. It is still advisable to wear cushioned running shoes  if you are a runner who needs maximum mid sole cushioning and minimum medial (arch-side) support.


Cushioning is very important for runners whose feet do not roll inward or outwards, as it is this rolling movement that helps absorb the shock that would otherwise be sent through the joints to the spine. The cushioning is designed to reduce the shock when the foot hits the ground. If you have rigid and immobile feet and tend to under-pronate then cushioned shoes have little medial support and soft mid-soles. They enable foot motion and are also ideal for high arch runners.


Check out the review below if you are looking for the best cushioned running shoes in the market.

  1. Nike lunar tempo

It is a very well cushioned shoe that is great for all kinds of work out. The cushioning goes very well to the sole and is very noticeable.


  • – It is very light weight unlike most cushioned shoes
  • – It has durable cover fabric so it will last longer
  • – It has enough reflective materials


  • – If one is looking for more toe space they may have to look elsewhere this one is very tight
  • – The flywire on the threads starts shredding after only 150 miles because it rubs a lot
  1. Adidas supernova glide 7

This shoe is designed to be used in daily running, it is a well cushioned neutral shoe. It has a lot of cushioning material and yet still remains very light.


  • – Lasts over 500 miles
  • – Enough toe box space
  • – Very well cushioned and light weight

  1. Brooks pureflow 4

It is the softest cushioned running shoe in the market. It has a great bounce therefore allowing for better transition from mid- foot to fore- foot.


  • – Though well cushioned it is very still giving it a more natural running feel
  • – It is better responsive at higher speeds
  • – Allows for more room in the toe box


  • – It does not last as long as most cushioned shoes
  • – It is difficult to keep the plastic laces tied up
  • – The mid- foot feels more sloppier
  1. Karhu fast5 fulcrum

They have a perfect fit for every foot, are secure and refreshing to running because they give the light weight training feel. They have a very simple design.


  • – They have a smooth transition because of the full length fulcrum
  • – The upper mesh is seamless
  • – They are faster and useful for daily running
  • – The give a lightweight feel and are more secure on the foot than most brands


  • – There are a few color options.

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